We are our own choice makers, however when choosing a colour we are attracted to there are many variables to consider: conditioning, experiences, semiotic data and symbolism; these are the conditions that surround us on a day-to-day basis.


Human relationships are built on dyads. Is a thing big or small, black or white, happy or sad? These yin and yang associations have given me a greater insight into our emotive responses to colours. Colours can be happy or sad, hot or cold, light or dark. This bond is invariably defined by one main dyad: positive or negative. Is your exposure to a particular colour going to be a positive experience or a negative experience? 


In recognition of my exceptional work and the success of my contribution to the end of year show, my work was curated by the University of the Arts London for an extended summer show, enabling me to be introduced to their global community of industry designers, artists and academics. 


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