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EMIT ll.

My passion for creative pursuits is still very much alive; observation has been the language through which I learn most effectively. Capturing time and freezing it within a fraction of a second can sometimes contain the promise of a masterpiece or simply a piece of its master. How fragile those seconds are, for each one evolves, develops and is progressive. An artist should never stagnate but create, share, experience and grow. That is the food of my soul.


We are our own choice makers, however when choosing a colour we are attracted to there are many variables to consider: conditioning, experiences, semiotic data and symbolism; these are the conditions that surround us on a day-to-day basis. Human relationships are built on dyads. Is a thing big or small, black or white, happy or sad? These yin and yang associations have given me a greater insight into our emotive responses to colours. Colours can be happy or sad, hot or cold, light or dark. This bond is invariably defined by one main dyad: positive or negative. Is your exposure to a particular colour going to be a positive experience or a negative experience?


These series of prints are designed to intrigue and engage the viewer through the vista in the images. The aim is to trigger a provocative and emotive response to colour and the ambiguity of the forms within the images. For those having the ability to see colour they will see the world through a myriad of colours. My work explores this personal and unique experience.


- Junior Nathaniel Small




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