At that time it never really dawned on me how much I enjoyed capturing time, those brief seconds in limbo where a facial expression could change, the wind could blow and your subject or you could even be distracted. These unpredictable moments can be a factor in the final outcome of each frame once your shutter is released.

Photographs are honest they only ever show us what we can already see. A Photo allows us to freeze a frame in time permanently, and your photographs become your own unchanged moment in time. Film has many similarities, and these similarities can be debatable depending on your own perspective. For me a film's narrative is fluid, each sequence is created to move your timeline along, these multiple images shot in sequence and played as a series gives us a moving image, of which the by-product is film.

I eventually got my first camera, a Zenith Mark II, and by the time I reached my mid-twenties my passion for photography was firmly set in stone.